Friday, October 3, 2008

First Draft : The massacre

Countless paper readings, weeks of brainstorming, sleepless nights full of coding, playing around with gnuplot, latex ........and out of all chaos emerges your first draft of the paper. You print it and meet your advisor with a twinkle in your eye. Your minimum expectation? Of course the paper will go through! I have great results!!
Ten minutes into the discussion with advisor and the first page is filled with red marks. She hasn't even crossed the abstract and you start realizing that what you have written does not make any sense. Needless to say that meeting ends without crossing first page. You wonder what made you so excited in the morning while printing that draft.
Back to your desk, you look at the bleeding print out of your draft. One sentence that keeps you going, "Don't worry buddy, everything is gonna be just fine."